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Infant Welfare Society Chicago, IL

LEED Project

Existing 60,000 SF three story plus basement structure built during 1920s for a bank later occupied by YMCA is now converted into an office/clinic building for a non-profit organization. Facility includes medical offices, dental clinics, retail space and general offices. The original building appears to be built in phases and has several different structural flooring systems. A concrete structure with deep beams and low floor-to-floor heights posed a challenge to architects and engineers. HMS faced with the challenge of running ductwork and pipes for central HVAC system had to propose a system that has to fit and function for user comfort without compromising the ceiling heights and without making structurally weakening floor openings. Also being a LEED target project HVAC systems had to have system components and performance that would meet LEED requirements. Budgetary constraints limited HVAC design from utilizing a state of the art DDC control system that could satisfy LEED requirements. However again, as usual, HMS provided the same level of controls and operational characteristics without compromising the user comfort at an affordable cost. An air-to-air energy recovery system is provided to meet the LEED requirements. Project received funding from Clean Energy Foundation for design of energy efficient HVAC systems and building components. Funding is also provided for energy recovery system installation. An extensive energy analysis was performed for various types of systems including thermal storage systems for clean energy foundation review. Call HMS for details.

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